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[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [163] Toejam & Earl - JagOfTroy
One of my all-time favorite classic games, though it was certainly more fun with a friend. Played on a randomly generated world as the big man himself.
Keywords: longplay; jagoftroy
Downloads: 323
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [175] True Lies - JagOfTroy
A pretty decent game based off of the movie True Lies that follows the storyline pretty well. The gameplay is very appealing as well as the graphics for its time. I had forgotten this movie even existed along with the game til I booted it up for this longplay.
Keywords: longplay; genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 359
[image]Mega Drive Longplay [160] Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl - JagOfTroy
A modified football game with only one type of match/arena available and fatalities.
Keywords: longplay; genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 33
[movies]NES Longplay [264] Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes - JagOfTroy
This was the final Kunio-kun game in the series. Very interesting gameplay to say the least with a different spin on the game of basketball.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 317
[movies]NES Longplay [257] Lethal Weapon - JagOfTroy
Nine levels of boring, repetitive crap. I was tired of playing this half-way through the first board but I forced myself to complete this so no one else would have to brave this piece of garbage. Hardly any special weapons or power-ups, just your fists and a pistol to face an onslaught of repeating enemies. The game doesn't seem to follow any of the movies whatsoever and the bosses couldn't be more unimaginative...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 350
[movies]NES Longplay [266] Faxanadu - JagOfTroy
A difficult platform action/RPG game that involves some heavy grinding at certain points in order to acquire items. Xanadu is the original game in the series. Famicon (Japanese Nintendo) + Xanadu = Faxanadu Just about every single item and magic was acquired in this game though I skipped getting one particular magic power since it doesn't really add anything special and it would of taken a lot of boring grinding in order to buy it...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 345
[movies]NES Longplay [236] Platoon - JagOfTroy
This game can drive you crazy with the mazes and split second reaction time before getting mauled by the enemy. Not sure how this game mirrors the movie other than just the ending. Not a terrible game but not great either.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 318
[movies]NES Longplay [238] Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Cross-Country - JagOfTroy
Poor translation to English since the game was never released outside of Japan. Definitely fun gameplay for the first two events. The last two just reminded me of an updated River City Ransom, you can hear some sound effects they borrowed from Double Dragon II on NES. The end game tune is also a great listen.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 328
[movies]NES Longplay [243] American Gladiators - JagOfTroy
Ever wanted to beat someone with a jousting stick while being 60 feet in the air? Well now you can.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 324
[movies]NES Longplay [241] Space Shuttle Project - JagOfTroy
A space shuttle simulator. Great for those avid of Space or wanting to be an astronaut. Otherwise, redundant gameplay and music.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 291
[movies]NES Longplay [248] Captain Saver - JagOfTroy
This is the Japanese release of Power Blade 2, somewhat similar to Mega Man but enough difference to make it enjoyable without being a complete rip-off.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 303
[movies]NES Longplay [231] Track&Field II - JagOfTroy
Longplay of all the events in Championship mode. Enjoy!
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 273
[movies]NES Longplay [273] The Lone Ranger - JagOfTroy
Based off the fictional character with the same name, this was another well made game by ULTRA/Konami. It contains a few different perspectives for gameplay that are all quite entertaining with a fitting difficulty to keep it challenging but not forcing one to want to pull their hair out.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 314
[movies]PC Longplay [233] Dreamweb - JagOfTroy
An obscure cyber-punk themed adventure that has been lost in the depths of history. There was a port of it to the Amiga done but this one features the CD-ROM music and the voice acting. Contains some graphic gore for it's time and certainly does not come with a fairy book ending.
Keywords: longplay; PC; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 336
[movies]NES Longplay [246] Werewolf - The Last Warrior - JagOfTroy
At first I thought I was getting involved with a hidden gem of a find. Then after about 5-10 mins, the unresponsive controls and merciless enemies quickly subdued any thought of such a thing.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 311
[movies]NES Longplay [271] Rollergames - JagOfTroy
Rollergames.. Not really much to say about this game. You ride on rollerblades and kick the crap outta the enemy team. Shorter than I expected.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 277
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [092] Soulstar - JagOfTroy
Requested by Mad-Matt. The controls in this game are mind-bogglingly difficult which is why I ended up slugging it out with the mobs and bosses to complete each level to bring this longplay to you. Can't say I enjoyed this one very much or that I have anything to say about it. It sucked, wasn't very entertaining and I'm glad it's over so I never have to play this AGAIN.
Keywords: longplay; Mega-CD; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 282
[movies]NES Longplay [285] A boy and his blob - Trouble on Blobolonia - JagOfTroy
Developed by Imagineering and produced by Absolute Entertainment, this is a platform/puzzle game that puts you in control of a boy with a pet blob that you feed various jellybeans in order to solve puzzles and obtain treasures. For the most part, the game handles nice although it is hard to get your blob in the exact spot you need it in order to get past certain points in the game. This longplay is at 99% completion as there was one treasure I missed but you really don't even need the vitamins i...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 290
[movies]NES Longplay [265] Punch-Out - JagOfTroy
When Nintendo's license to use Mike Tyson expired, they re-released the game with a different end game boss. Not an attempt at being a speed run but nothing much seems to have changed between the versions.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 312
[movies]NES Longplay [288] Cheetahmen II (Unlicensed) - JagOfTroy
What hasn't already been said about this game? I actually like the character choice and design, just unfortunately had a poor execution. The key to the game would really be to avoid the enemies by jumping over them in the first two levels, spamming your attack so the enemies run into it for the last four levels. Then the game is a piece of cake. This is the fixed version that will/would of been issued on the cart via the kickstarter program started by Greg Pabich and supported by the Angry Video...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 255
[movies]NES Longplay [234] Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road - JagOfTroy
Port to the NES of a great Arcade game. Playthrough of all the maps in both directions. Game gets more competitive towards the second half.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOftroy
Downloads: 404
[movies]NES Longplay [235] Marble Madness - JagOfTroy
Very simple game, navigate the terrain with a Marble. Short but rather difficult to master.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 288
[movies]NES Longplay [242] Cabal - JagOfTroy
Port of the classic Arcade game for the NES. I don't see many differences between the two versions and remember it being much harder on the arcade.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 69
[movies]NES Longplay [237] Top Gun - JagOfTroy
Top Gun is hit or miss when it comes to the fun factor. The dead air gets boring very fast but is a welcome relief when your not dodging bullets and missiles all over the screen. Last boss was difficult.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 1,171
[movies]NES Longplay [270] The Untouchables - JagOfTroy
This game should of been called 'The Unbeatable' as it requires inhumanely fast reflexes to beat certain levels, particularly the third one. The only saving grace it has is the fact it follows the movie somewhat and a decent musical track. It goes from being quite easy, to way too hard, then back to average difficulty with the ending being a cakewalk. I will note however that on the sixth level, you only get one shot and if you miss, you have to replay the fifth level all over again...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 359
[movies]NES Longplay [259] Ironsword - Wizards & Warriors II - JagOfTroy
The second installment in the series. This one was a bit easier to complete with less secrets to find albeit a couple fun spells to use. The music is an improvement from the original but the combat is slightly difficult since they changed the hit detection for your sword and boots. The third and final Wizards&Warriors game will be completed and uploaded in a day or two.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 296
[movies]NES Longplay [258] Wizards & Warriors - JagOfTroy
The first game in the Wizards&Warriors series. Jumping skills is crucial to this platformer as you'll need to make very specific leaps with perfect accuracy and speed in order to reach keys or other critical parts of the game. The boss fights were very simple, even the final boss didn't really prove to put up much of a fight. Another classic on one of the best gaming consoles of all time in my opinion...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 329
[movies]NES Longplay [230] Rescue - The Embassy Mission - JagOfTroy
General playthrough of the single re-occuring level in the game.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 281
[movies]Arcade Longplay [244] WWF Wrestlefest - JagOfTroy
Very nostalgic arcade game that robbed me of many quarters. Another great four-player game that featured the classic wrestlers from WWF. If you see my energy levels mysteriously returning to full, it's because using another credit replenishes it which you pretty much have to do in order to beat the game since you don't get enough back after each match. Royal Rumble is saved for the end of the video.
Keywords: longplay; Arcade; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 399
[movies]NES Longplay [262] NARC - JagOfTroy
Another product of the drug war era. I'd swear this game was supposed to be humor-based if it wasn't actually serious.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 283
[movies]NES Longplay [249] Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy - JagOfTroy
There's so much to say about this game. It's absolutely fantastic. The storyline is good for an NES game, the characters are memorable and has one of the best endings out of any other game on the platform. The different sequences are all fine tuned to automatically launch this to the top of my favorites. The music is well done and tastefully used depending on the scenario you find yourself in. This game is far superior to the original Golgo 13 in my personal opinion...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 288
[movies]NES Longplay [233] Skate or Die! - JagOfTroy
Demonstration of the events offered in the short but sweet game.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 353
[movies]NES Longplay [267] Pro Wrestling - JagOfTroy
One of the earlier games for Nintendo, Pro Wrestling was the second wrestling game released for NES after M.U.S.C.L.E.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 338
[movies]NES Longplay [284] The Terminator - JagOfTroy
Developed by Radical Entertainment(this game is anything but rad or entertaining) and was published by Mindscape and Bethesda Softworks(yes, the company that brought you Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls). An easy synopsis of the game, what a piece of crap. No continues, very unforgiving level design and enemy placement. When Kyle Reese goes back to the past, he's only armed with his fists and feet for attacking but yet there are certain levels he gets a firearm only to be taken away when it goes back...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 826
[movies]NES Longplay [240] Blaster Master - JagOfTroy
This game probably ranks in the top three for most memorable to me. I remember they even made a licensed novel series called Worlds of Power that had Blaster Master written. When I was fighting Frozen Crabullus, it was merely to demonstrate that I know the infamous tactic to get past certain bosses. The music, graphics, and gameplay is always enjoying and I hope you all enjoy watching.
Keywords: longplay; nes; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 355
[movies]NES Longplay [247] Solstice - JagOfTroy
An awesome mind-bending puzzler with multiple ways to solve the problems presented by the game. I saved the awesome main theme till the end of the video since it shows some of the solutions to the puzzles during the demo.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 283
[movies]NES Longplay [272] Nightshade - JagOfTroy
Pretty decent entertaining adventure game with fight sequences. It had good humor and was suppose to be the first in a series but sadly, no sequels were made after the first one. It did however (somehow) setup Beam Software to produce the SNES Shadowrun version two years later. 100% completion with the subsequent death traps added on to the ending of the video along with the ending you get when you fail to complete the game.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 336
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [091] Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure - JagOfTroy
Requested by Mad-Matty. Can't say I particularly enjoyed this very much but it does look great for it's time.
Keywords: longplay; Mega-CD; JagOfTroy; Pitfall
Downloads: 392
[movies]Master System Longplay [080] Rambo III - JagOfTroy
I could never forget this favorite of mine from the Light Phaser series for Master system. This game is probably one of the toughest in its category amongst all platforms.
Keywords: longplay; Master System; SMS; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 536
[movies]PC Engine Longplay [158] Die Hard - JagOfTroy
A move-based video game that actually follows the movie and doesn't suck? That is absurd! A decent shooter with a good plethora of weapons, enemies and stages. There are a few mazes though on the time-based levels which does increase the difficulty as you'll find yourself going in circles with the clock ticking down. Very enjoyable game that was sadly not ported in English or any other console that I am aware of.
Keywords: longplay; TurboGrafx; PC Engine; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 297
[movies]NES Longplay [244] Mission Impossible - JagOfTroy
By far one of the harder but well designed games of the NES library.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy; Mission Impossible
Downloads: 525
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [172] General Chaos - JagOfTroy
One of my favorite games for the Sega Genesis. A tactical, squad-based strategy game with colorful characters and intense gameplay. This game truly shines when you have two-players or even manage to get four-players together for it as you have more personal control over the two commandos in your team. Each map is different with the various playthroughs, some having objectives that give you bonus points...
Keywords: longplay; Mega Drive; Sega; Genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 285
[movies]NES Longplay [229] Gotcha! The Sport! - JagOfTroy
General playthrough of the game levels, including the game over screen at the end.
Keywords: NES; longplay; JagOftroy; Gotcha the sport
Downloads: 287
[movies]NES Longplay [287] Action 52 - Cheetahmen (Unlicensed) - JagOfTroy
This was way worse than the sequel. Who knows one day if there will ever be a game to complete this trilogy despite the well deserved bad press it already gets.
Keywords: longplay; NES; Cheetahmen; Action 52; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 238
[movies]NES Longplay [254] Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shugo! - JagOfTroy
The follow-up of River City Ransom in which the characters act out in a specific time period play. Game seemed to suffer from having a lot going on during any fighting so to keep it moving along, I'd kill the ally in order to speed things up. You can fight the bosses of each gang anywhere on the map so you have to locate the area they are in before running to check each part of that particular section...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy; Technos Japan; Kunio-kun
Downloads: 155
[movies]NES Longplay [256] Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge - JagOfTroy
Many reviewers will heavily criticize this game for not delivering but I still found it to be very enjoyable. I apologize for the grinding and card switching, tried to minimize it as much as I could. There is also a very small 22 second pause @ 09:40, I am sorry but was temporarily distracted in an unavoidable situation. Otherwise, this longplay came out great and I hope you all enjoy it.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy; Metal Gear; Solid Snake
Downloads: 430
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [171] Zany Golf - JagOfTroy
Just a simple putt-putt game with unique controls for each level that let you control the ball in different ways.
Keywords: longplay; Mega Drive; Sega; Genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 282
[movies]NES Longplay [255] Metal Gear - JagOfTroy
Not an official part of the Metal Gear storyline but it was the first one known to us here in the United States before the internet was available. I still find the game rather enjoyable each time I have played this one. Just about all of the secrets have been found and 100% completion to my knowledge.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy; Metal Gear; Solid Snake
Downloads: 453
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [169] Doom Troopers - The Mutant Chronicles - JagOfTroy
Done on request from my good friend Peterson (Murderizer). This game was difficult. The hit detection is unforgiving, the controls certainly take getting used to, and your always constantly under fire at break neck speeds. It does have it's own charm though in the death animations for the enemies.
Keywords: longplay; Sega; Genesis; Mega Drive; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 328
[image]Longplay: Black Belt (SMS) - Thumbnails - Cubex55 / JagOfTroy
This is only thumbnails for Let's play Black Belt by Cubex55/JagOfTroy Uploaded by: Anjin
Keywords: Black Belt; images; thumbnails; JagOfTroy; Cubex55; SMS; Sega Master System
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